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Restaurant Bear Garden, Odessa, Ukraine

The restaurant "Beer Garden" is located in one of the best locations in the city - in the City Garden - a traditional holiday destination for Odessa residents and visitors. Its pretentious interior, luxurious European style, good location and most importantly - a natural beer brewed according to old Bavarian recipe, gave this restaurant a reputation, as a respectable elite destination, where regulars and visitors of Odessa gladly frequent.
The most important thing in any restaurant institution is a delicious and exquisite food, expertly prepared by a special way, of course, fresh produce, and good drinks - for the sake of what, in fact, we visit the restaurant. Beautiful surroundings, great beer, good snack, relaxing music - and the warm evening in the company of friends at the restaurant "Beer Garden" becomes a successful completion of the day.
From Thursday to Sunday there is always live music on Saturdays - stylish theater parties, again with live music and interesting, always new show program.

The feature of this restaurant is a family brewery, in which a German brewery, brews four varieties of the best German beers using traditional brewing technology of old Bavarian recipe and in compliance with all laws of the world's brewers. Barley, hop and water - these are the components of good beer. That's why there is always so comfortable at home.
The restaurant serves Bavarian treats and Ukrainian cuisine. Original recipes from meat, poultry, fish and seafood will create a real celebration of taste - Burgundy shin, Berlin shin, grilled duck with cabbage and apples, crab, crayfish, and traditional beer snacks - Munich sausages , Bavarian, French , Prague, Hungarian, Ukrainian snacks. And for dessert, you can enjoy a true home-made cakes and pancakes - with apples, cherries, strawberries. You will try a bread served extraordinary - rye or wheat with honey and cheese.
The restaurant has an opportunity to hold more than 300 people, including a summer area and the area for non-smokers. Arranged here are bright colorful party, stylized various subjects, with disguises, these pageants involving at will all present. Restaurant "Beer Garden" in Odessa is always bright, memorable and delicious.