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In "Columbus" everything is unique from the location and design to the unique exquisite menu. This is the best fish restaurant in Odessa, which will delight you its unique tasty fish and seafood dishes. Extraordinary exterior and interior of the restaurant, great food, great wine collection and the sea air made it the most exclusive restaurant in Odessa.
The external appearance of the restaurant resembles two caravels that are moored to the shore. Panoramic sea views, romantic tables on the pier, an aquarium with a huge floating fish gives the impression that you are on the deck of a big ship, and the restaurant is afloat. All this beauty is located in the 9-th station of Big Fountain in an ecologically clean area.
The restaurant has three luxurious rooms and a summer terrace. If you prefer a solitude, you can have a rest in a cozy VIP-room, you can relax in the company of friends or family in the main hall, as if to be a solemn event, for such purposes, there is a banquet hall. Cozy VIP-hall places 25 people, the main hall for up to 50 people and a banquet hall - up to 120 people and on the summer terrace - up to 400 seats. In addition, each company, each table has its own independent space because rooms are very spacious, it creates an individual comfort.

As for the menu, you will never try such dishes as at the restaurant "Columbus." Every dish here has some unique combination of taste, which is not possible to forget. In addition to enjoying the taste, you also get more and aesthetic pleasure, because of a serving dishes. Each dish is a bright palette of colors and unique design, and from the very simple and clear products. A distinctive feature of the recipes of dishes is a lot of greens, fruits and vegetables and of course, fish and seafood. Surprisingly inimitable mix menu of Mediterranean, Thai, Japanese, Scandinavian cuisines. For lovers of traditional food there is also dishes from meat cooked on the grill.
The restaurant creates a wonderful relaxing atmosphere of peace and pleasure. Therefore this restaurant is known and loved, not only by the citizens of Odessa, but also the visitors of Odessa.