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Odessa cuisine is a combination of the best traditions and recipes of Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian, Jewish, Armenian, Bulgarian, Uzbekistan, Moldova, and Greek cuisines.
Odessa`s typical snack is considered mincemeat, eggplant caviar, which in Odessa they call "caviar from blues", baked bell pepper with a garlic, tomato appetizer with sheep cheese under the name "Bull heart."
The presence of the sea causes the love of fish and seafood. Famous gefilte fish is so delicious just in Odessa. It is usually made from several dishes, pike, mullet, haarder(Redlip mullet), carp or pike. Another popular seafood dish in Odessa is a pilaf with mussels. A favorite snack for beer is boiled shrimps, which in Odessa they call crawfish. In Odessa they prefer to fry flounder and calves, as well as fresh meat balls from sprat.

The typical Odessa meat dish is beef stroganoff and stuffed necks. And for dessert, in Odessa they will offer you delicious pancakes with a cottage cheese.
Delicious recipes of Odessa cuisine are offered by restaurants as "Bluff", "Pecheskago", "Dacha", etc.