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The restaurant "Dacha" embodies the nostalgic days of early 20th century in Odessa. The restaurant was built from a present mansion, which the famous Odessa, a wealthy landowner arranged dinner parties and dinners and invited poets, artists, and other important personalities of that time. Intimate conversations, and most importantly unique Odessa cuisine. In the neighborhood there lived thn head of Odessa, Grigoriy Marazli. In the 20th century it settled cozy resort, which was visited by Utesov, Shulzhenko.
Restaurant "Dacha" is built in an old mansion in the spirit of the time when the old tradition was put on the shelves of jars of pickles and homemade jam, when a plank of floorboards creak and regulars gathered for a glass or two of homemade vodka home, talked a lot. The interior of the "Dacha" recalls giving a very real at the time.
The restaurant is located in cozy picturesque French Boulevard and as with any flat, just very green. Here you need to pay attention to details - antique furniture, lace napkins, umbrellas over each table, swing - all are reminiscent of a simple and unassuming suburban comfort of those days.

The friendly restaurant staff recreates the atmosphere of comfort. Pleasant music adds a sense of comfort. Dishes, which treats the restaurant have a truly homemade taste. The food here is simple, and so tasty and native. Specially for the restaurant poured brand dacha vodka - apple, zubrovka mild and honey.
Restaurant "Dacha" is truly a family restaurant with an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. The restaurant hall is divided into zones; sitting area with sofas and lamps above the tables, children's play room area, bar area, bathroom, bedroom and porch. The restaurant is located in a beautiful place and literally buried in flowers and shade trees. After a hearty lunch, it's great to sit in the air, and admire the exquisite nature. Tables in the shade of the trees help you to relax with friends or family, while the children can be seen and they have a nice place to play and have fun like at home.
Restaurant "Dacha" is one of a kind restaurant with a similar style of interior decoration and warm atmosphere.