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Odessa has been long ago famous as not a touristic city only, but the ‘city of brides’ as well. There is no secret that the majority of lonely men come to Odessa not just to rest, but, probably, to make new acquaintances with local girls notable for their special charm and attractiveness. A romantic atmosphere of the resort city disposes for this and lonely women are not against acquaintances at all.

To invite a girl to a restaurant for a date is a responsible action. You shouldn’t fail and make a good impression. For this it’s surely important not only to make a right choice of a restaurant, but to use all your charm and good manners.

We recommend first to ask a girl what kind of food she likes, what kind of a cuisine she prefers. One should do it in an unobtrusive manner, make it clear in an odd moment. If she is ‘omnivorous’ you can choose a restaurant on the basis of you taste and preferences, as well as your past experience.

To make a pleasant surprise and be maximally effective we recommend you to go, for example, to a Japanese restaurant. It’s a wonderful combination of exotics and romance. In a Japanese cuisine many aromatic herbs are used that are real aphrodisiacs themselves. Try not to overdo with spicy additives to your food. Some dishes just burn in your mouth and it’s better to avoid them on the first date. It’s a good thing to order something with fish or vegetables. The main thing here is to leave a place for a dessert. Not many people can refuse to eat something sweet, especially Eastern one. Among alcoholic drinks it’s better to choose a light wine that ideally fits the main dish. As an appetizer you can taste a fruit liquor or a balsam. There are more than enough restaurants with a Japanese cuisine in Odessa. For example, ‘Kobe’, ‘Seven Samurai’, ‘Kami’, or ‘Tokyo House’.

If your girlfriend doesn’t like an exotic cuisine, you can take her to a European restaurant, for example, a Greek, Italian or a French one. These are practically sure options, and there are many of them in Odessa. ‘Papa Costa’, ‘Salieri’, or, for example, ‘Pulcinella’. The only thing is you should remember that one meal is very expensive there. Anyway, if you have not enough money for an expensive restaurant, you shouldn’t make a mistake of inviting a girl you like to a cheap cafe or a fast food. It should better be a pizzeria or a coffee house with a big choice of cakes, rolls, and other desserts. The most popular variants – ‘Italian Quarter’, ‘Star-pizza’. By the way, it’s not recommended to go to another limit – to take a girl to a too expensive luxury restaurant and show your financial sufficiency. A girl may think that you want to ‘buy’ her in this way.