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Restaurant "Gambrinus" is the old Odessa restaurant, which is known far beyond the borders of Odessa. The history of this restaurant goes to the years of the early 20th century, when the busiest port city named Odessa was a small pub, where for many years played the violin a musician named Sasha. He played so good that people came to listen to his music from all parts of Odessa. Many of them, not paying attention to the name of the institution said: "Let`s go to Sasha." Later this place with its legendary musician was described by Kuprin in one of his novel.
And now, after many decades, in the early 21st century "Gambrinus" continues to collect all the regulars and a violinist still plays there. How is it cool that there is a tradition in a restaurant "Gambrinus" to invite visitors to drink a glass of good quality beer.
Gambrinus was a legendary king, who was the patron saint of brewing, after whom the restaurant is named. Today the restaurant has a modern interior, a variety of beer, vodka and brandy, as well as a great European and Odessa cuisines. "Gambrinus" is a combination of the best traditions and modern service.

The lack of windows in the dining room, a soft, unobtrusive artificial lighting creates a sense of "total immersion" in the marine environment attributes. Instead of tables here they have oak barrels and instead of chairs there are small barrels. But the most important thing is an excellent beer.
If you go to Odessa on a travel or a business trip, be sure to visit this restaurant. The warm atmosphere, sounds of melodious violin, and good food will leave you with pleasant memories.
Today "Gambrinus" invites visitors for breakfasts, where you can enjoy not only the delicious appetizers and salads, but for dessert - even a famous cake "Napoleon." You can also hold corporate banquets, parties, and receptions. The capacity for the banquet is up to 80 people. The buffet and company celebrations is for up to 120 people. Often they've held various theme parties and tastings.
In memory of the visit of "Gambrinus" you can buy branded beer glasses, t-shirts, souvenir kegs and even souvenir menu.