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Restaurant "Hutorok by the Sea" is located in a picturesque place Shevchenko Park, in the former castle on the beach Langeron. Stylish decor, styled courtyard with a bird, including two bright peacocks, playground and other interior details match the name of the restaurant.
The restaurant's interior is very similar to the 19th century Ukraine. The restaurant serves traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Ukrainian cuisine - it's always home-flavored and hearty big portions. Here you can spend a lovely romantic evening, and you can gather a large noisy group of friends on a terrace with a magnificent view of the sea or in the cozy fireside - everywhere you will feel comfortable and cozy. Here, everything is made in the traditional Ukrainian style.
Every evening there is fun incendiary atmosphere made by musicians, filling the evening with excellent live music in the style of jazz, folk, as well as famous pop motifs.

Ukrainian cuisine is cuisine made from old "grandma" recipes which is why they are so tasty and delicious. Here you get the pleasure to taste dishes, such as royal steak of flounder, salmon steak, smoked ribs, baked in honey sauce, veal in crap-mushroom sauce, grilled lamb with eggplant, roasted duck with apples, as well as for you wide range of kebabs and much, much more. The wine list of a variety of beautiful Moldovan, French, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish wines and wines from Chile.
The restaurant has three banquet rooms, where you can spend an unforgettable time at family celebrations, corporate party, reception or banquet. Each of the rooms has its own style and its name - the main hall for 100 people, Hunter Hall, decorated with a collection of trophies for 12 people, Burgher Hall, made in the old style for 24 persons and Blacksmith hall, decorated with wrought favors and a capacity of 16 people.
A lovely relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and good food under the surge of the sea. Such air is not only good to breathe, but also perfect to eat at. Ukrainian cuisine is alternated with the European cuisine.