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"Steakhouse" is Odessa's popular restaurant, situated on the main street of Odessa - Deribasovskaya. The restaurant gained its popularity for a long time for a stylish and conceptual line of gastronomic delights - just meat and wine, of which, both are excellent.
Initially, the atmosphere and design of the restaurant was in the style of a "European country". And when one in the restaurant decided to make a great holiday Tuscan cuisine, it soon became a tradition, bringing to Deribasovskaya, a cow statue that appeared in full view. Since then, the statue has decorated the famous street in Odessa and is a symbol of the restaurant. Today the interior is designed in soft terracotta colors, comfort and style create Italian leather sofas and chairs.
The restaurant has a large collection of wines, and special equipment allows for an evening tasting several varieties. Even there is a special room for this - WineRoom. This restaurant is for connoisseurs of good wine and a juicy natural meat. Here, at the highest professional level, all - and the food and the atmosphere, and the staff and entourage. Therefore, the restaurant has a lot of fans and among the citizens of Odessa, and among the many visitors to the city.

A huge variety of unique gourmet meat you can only find in this restaurant. Chicago steak, rib-eye steak, Tibon steak, Tomahawk steak with ham, Filet Mignon, Chateaubriand - these are just some of the names of the dishes of red meat. Also, for those wishing to offer at least the original dishes of white meat - pork loin, duck, chicken, rabbit. Here you will find this Tuscan menu.
The zest of the restaurant is open to guests and grill kitchen where right in front of visitors come culinary delights of the steaks. They use here only natural coals.
For gourmets, connoisseurs of the beautiful life that prefer quality always - not only in the restaurant, but at home, in "Steakhouse" there is a special store where you can buy stylish and high-quality kitchen items, accessories, and even certain foods. Everything is imported from manufacturer's countries. You can buy olive oil, spices, vinegar, sauces, and even meat in special packaging. And only a local meat. There is a wide range of elite coffee and tea.
The restaurant "Steakhouse" is a celebration of the exceptional taste and enjoyment.