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In Odessa, there are a lot of restaurants that serve Japanese cuisine. The restaurants of, "Tokyo House", consist of three restaurants designed in a sleek Japanese style. All three restaurants are located in the historic center of the city on Sadovaya Street, Richelieuskaya Street and Alexandrovskiy Avenue. These restaurants are practicing food delivery to homes and offices. Call 700-75-75 and 700-66-33 and they can easily provide you with your favorite food at home.
We also would like to mention such institutions as the "Kyoto", "Seven Samurai", "Vitrina", "Yokohama", "Kobe," "The Seagull," "Yakitoriya", "Takeshi", "Campai" which offer all kinds of options for delicious Japanese cuisine.
In true Eastern style you can relax when you visit the restaurant Sushi bar "Kami", which is located in the building of the fitness club, "White Lotus". On the most popular Street of Odessa, Deribasovskaya, the restaurant "Sushiya" is located. The second restaurant of the network is in the historic center on Havanaya Street. The sushi bars "Sushi Paradise" offers classic recipes of Japanese cuisine.
Seafood is a healthy and nutritious food without cholesterol. That is why Japanese food has become so popular in recent times