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Restaurant "Klarabara" is the most unusual restaurant, which is also an art cafe and artistic and literary salon. The design of this cozy restaurant, located in City garden reminds the atmosphere of the early 20th century. Antique furniture, paintings on the walls in the old framework and other interior details create a relaxed atmosphere of comfort.
The main characteristic of this restaurant is the real Odessa cuisine, born and nurtured in noisy communal apartments of the citizens of Odessa for more than one generation. For true connoisseurs of Odessa cuisine this is the place where you enjoy the taste, because Odessa cuisine has absorbed all the best recipes of the world. Odessa cuisine - it is always juicy, non-standard, home-tasty, and the restaurant "Klarabara" is also exquisite. There is a separate children's menu. Here you can always enjoy a pleasant live music. The restaurant has a non-smoking room, as well as catering services. This can be a corporate dinner at the office or weekend at the beach. In any event it is convenient for you and in a convenient location.

In addition to delicious food restaurant will organize a series of services that accompany any holiday. At your request it can be entertaining holiday scenario, the original decoration of banquet tables, colorful scenery, costumes, music, fireworks and the toastmaster.
Another popular service provided by the restaurant, it's food delivery to the right address. Besides the standard fish and meat dishes you can order any salads and desserts, and you can make the personal order for your proposed recipe. Fresh food delivery service saves you time and allow you to enjoy the delicious food every day.
Restaurant "Klarabara" has excellent wine list, which shows the Georgian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian wines, wines from Chile and homemade wines.
This small, cozy restaurant has attracted the attention of Odessa citizens due to its perfect location and friendly staff.