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The restaurant network of McDonald's has been recognized as a world leader in the field of fast food. We can speak a lot about the danger of fast food but a tasty sandwich, if it is made of high-quality products, has always been and will be a popular food. Sometimes when we have lack of time, a hamburger, cheeseburger, or Big Mac often helps us when we are hungry. In Odessa, there are seven McDonald's restaurants:
Privokzalnaya Square, 1 (near the railway station);
Prospect Dobrowolskiy, 116 B (in the village of Kotovskiy);
Chernyahovskogo Street, 1 (5th station of Big Fountain);
Deribasovskaya Street, 23 (center);
Shevchenko avenue, 2 B (next to the Polytechnical University);
Boris Derevyanko Square, 1 (Kievskiy district, village Tairovo);
Krasnova Street, 14 A (Malinovskiy district).
Today the common service of food from McDonald's. You can order a delicious meal by phone (048) 701-9-269, (093) 07-002-96.
Special delivery service "Crew Service" engaged in the delivery of food from the restaurant network around the clock:
(096) 353-9-353 (050) 353-9-353 (093) 353-9-353 (048) 239-91-19