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Greek restaurant "Papa Costa"

Greek restaurant "Papa Costa" is located in a quiet cozy patio of Odessa, having escaped from the city, and in the heart of the city on Grecheskaya Street.
Once upon a time in Odessa lived a good old Greek named Costa. Everybody knew Greek in Odessa, loved and called him daddy or papa Costa. After several generations on the Grecheskaya Street in honor of the legendary Greek a restaurant, by the same name, was opened.
Delicious Greek dishes, which are based on olive oil, are delivered by direct flights from Athens. In this restaurant you will have only the best olives, fresh vegetables, and whole roasted lamb on a spit, real Greek cheeses, sea fish, and all kinds of seafood.
At the restaurant "Papa Costa" you can enjoy the real Greek masterpieces, with love prepared for its visitors; melitzanu, horyatiki, dzadzyki, Souvlaki, and galaktobureko. You will feel a taste of Greece, visiting this gorgeous cozy restaurant. The famous Greek hospitality and warmth is reflected in the atmosphere of the restaurant "Papa Costa." The friendly restaurant staff is able to create a nice atmosphere of liberation, and excellent cuisine will create a real celebration of taste.

The restaurant has two halls. One holds up to 100 people and the second , smaller room holds up to 30 people. The restaurant can be noted for its great family celebration, a corporate party or sit in a small company. Also the restaurant has two summer zones. One of them is located directly in front of the facade and can accommodate about 30 people and the other one - on the second floor can accommodate about 70 people.
The restaurant's interior is decorated in Greek style with pastel colors and decorated with lots of flowers. There is always a barely audible background music playing, and on Fridays and Saturdays, you can listen to the pianist.
The features of the cuisine is lobsters, octopuses, olives, cheeses and excellent wines. Everything is made in Greece. Order the house specialty here and get a real treat - Greek appetizers are in the range: Tarama, tirokafteri, dolmadaki, melitzana. The main Greek dish is moussaka. And of course, do not forget to order the Greek sweets.