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Restaurant Pecheskago, Odessa, Ukraine

Restaurant "Pecheskago" is an old Odessa restaurant, located in a house built by de Ribas for himself, and preserving the true tradition of Odessa. The restaurant space, in the style of the Odessa patio, stylish sundeck, overlooking the City garden, make this restaurant one of the most popular and beloved institutions of the city.
Besides enjoying the delicious food, you can relax with friends all evening, as the restaurant offers a wide variety of entertainment. There is always live music and karaoke in the club where you can feel yourself in the spotlight, singing your favorite songs, the database is constantly updated. Live music for dancing on a landscaped dance field. Lovers of sports events may watch on the big screen interesting sporting events. The relaxed atmosphere allows Odessa, lying at full length on a comfortable couch, to smoke a hookah or smoke flavored cigar, sitting by the fireplace. All home-style cozy elegant and dignified.

The restaurant treats its visitors with a variety of traditional Odessa cuisine, which has absorbed all the best, than usually entertain guests in Odessa - neck stuffed, mincemeat, Black Sea turbot, chelogach Lustdorf, chicken broth with profiteroles and delicious on the grill - barbecue, pork , lamb, ribs, kebab, sturgeon, salmon and mackerel. Eyes "scatter", here the menu can be read as an art book, so it and really diverse. And that's not all. The main kitchen has amazing fish and meat dishes - Mexican steak, Thai Beef, chicken steaks, pork, veal, salmon, trout, grilled and much more for every taste. For fans of Japanese cuisine here offer a wide range of sushi.
Restaurant "Pecheskago" is a perfect place, where in summer you can sit outside, and in the winter in a warm cozy room with a fireplace. It can be a place for romantic couples and noisy group of friends or for a business meeting partners willing to discuss over coffee pressing issues, and we can note a big family celebration, a corporate banquet or wedding. And on New Year's, the restaurant always prepares an excellent New Year's party. Restaurant "Pecheskago" is the best that is in Odessa City Garden