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Pizza is a favorite dish of many people. There are a variety of recipes, from the preparation of the test and ending with an infinite number of variations of fillings, make this dish always different and appropriate for any occasion - whether you want a bite or to have a dinner and enjoy a terrific taste. Every restaurant or pizzeria tries to surprise a customer with a unique recipe - original sauce, stuffed unusual stuffing or components, etc. Many restaurants and pizzerias adhere to the concept of healthy and natural foods, try to make a meal without using harmful additives. Many restaurants and individual services in Odessa have a delivery to home, office or other customer location. Here it is some popular places:
"Pan Pizza" - phone: (048) 345-103
"Italian Quarter" - phone: (048) 705-5-705
"Zarina-pizza" - phone: (063) 123-79 01, (048) 701-37-26
"" - phone: (048) (063) 700-5151
"Star-pizza" - phone: (048) 02.01.33
"Privozilka"-you will get a delivery of food from different restaurants - phone: (048) 785-22-85
The orders are usually finished within in an hour depending on the area of delivery.