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Where else in Odessa you can try tasty dishes from fish and seafood. Seafood and fish dishes are very popular in Odessa, because in this city, the best fish restaurants are considered one of the most elite institutions. Mediterranean food lovers will appreciate the restaurant, "Porto", the thrill of which is an open storefront with fresh fish and seafood, from which chefs create culinary masterpieces.
"Fish Cafe" is a fish restaurant, by the sea, on the French Boulevard that has a wide variety of fish specialties.
Unsurpassed in atmosphere, elegance and creativity, as well as a surprisingly tasty assortment of fish dishes, can be found in the restaurant "Columbus"
The restaurant, "Katran", has a nice location, where all the visitors can watch the boats on the dock filled with the fish. Fresh fish, from the Black Sea, and all kinds of seafood will delight any gourmet.
The restaurant, Red Lobster, will please its visitors with a nice atmosphere and good food. You can also find a large assortment of delicious fish dishes in the restaurant "Boulevard."
The restaurant "Di Mare" offers the best of Mediterranean cuisine, it is located next to the seaport buildings.