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"Ukrainian Lakomka" (lasunka on ukrainian)

Restaurant "Ukrainian Lakomka (Gourmand)" is a cozy restaurant, in the best traditions of Ukrainian national culture. It is located in the central part of the city, on the most famous street Deribasovskaya and absorbed the flavor of a real Ukrainian style. While in the restaurant, just remember the "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka", "Sorochinskaya fair" and feel yourself in the atmosphere of the literary events.
The decor of the restaurant styled with the numerous elements of the life of the Ukrainian people, sometimes it resembles a museum, as some items may well be attributed to the curiosities of antiquity. Murals made in ethnographic style by modern artists, they emphasize the ethnic flavor of the restaurant.
The restaurant has two halls. On the second floor with an open summer terrace you can organize a banquet or wedding or corporate dinner, and on the first floor you can relax with friends or family, or have a romantic evening for two enjoying the folk music. Here, you will see the ancient national Ukrainian costume. The restaurant will be very interesting for foreign tourists who want to learn the culture of the country during their visits.

In Odessa, there are two restaurants of the brand, one is located on Deribasovskaya Street and another one on Novoselskogo Street. Both restaurants are made in the same style. The main menu in both restaurants is traditional Ukrainian cuisine. A banquet hall of the restaurant on the Novoselskogo street is decorated with real local Ukrainian stove. Dishes from the stove, as you know, have a special unique taste and aroma.
Rural Meat, Hebrew meat, Russian meat, Ancient Kiev meat, dumplings, soup with pampushka (fritter) - is only the beginning. The specialty is a lamb shank or eisbein. And the bread there is exclusively homemade, as well as various vertutas, toasts. It offers delicious seafood and fish, sturgeon steaks, salmon, catfish, various fish kebabs and other delicacies. Also, the wine list is diverse and has Georgian, Moldovan, French, Chabot Crimean wines.
Visit the restaurant "Ukrainian Lakomka ( Gourmand)" and enjoy the full real Ukrainian cuisine in an atmosphere of sincerity and hospitality.