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Restaurant "Valdai" is the atmosphere of intimacy and royal splendor. If you wish to travel back in time and experience the atmosphere of the 18th century with its wealth and the palace entourage, to feel at the reception and the most important person, to feel like VIP-person, then you certainly need to visit this restaurant.
Restaurant "Valdai" is located on Ekaterinenskaya Square, next to Primorskiy Boulevard and many historical sites and beautiful places of Odessa. The interior of the restaurant will delight you with wealth moldings, sumptuous textile decor with gold tassels curtains, luxurious French crystal chandeliers, gilded fixtures, and the restaurant staff will complete the image of the Imperial Palace, dressed in elegant, stylized costumes of the 18th century.
The restaurant has two halls, small and large. Small hall for 40 persons and has a certain isolation, individual space with exquisite decor items. The atmosphere and location of the hall allow you to spend a memorable meeting friends, cozy family party, corporate dinner or a banquet.

Decorated stucco in the Great Hall is in the style of lush and graceful baroque elements with elegant rococo. Zone spaces at the Great Hall are separated visually arched Renaissance compositions. Huge windows overlook Ekaterinenskaya Square. Lacquered flooring, crystal chandeliers, paintings on the walls, heavy velvet curtains, helpful staff - all together create an atmosphere of aristocratic luxury. You seem to find yourself in another world.
The restaurant's menu matches the royal interior. Here you will be treated to the most delicious dishes of this Odessa, Italian, French, Spanish cuisines. Multinational menu reinforces Georgian, Russian and Ukrainian cuisines. Any visitor can choose dishes are to taste and mood. The restaurant "Valdai" has a chic variety of fish and seafood.
Exclusive specials, such as the royal sturgeon, a cocktail of squid "Santorini" , Valdai salmon, scallops, prepared by special recipes and will leave a unique sense of taste in your memory.
The restaurant also provides such services as catering.